Saturday, July 16, 2011

"The Undefeated" Sells Out Theaters Nationwide! (Updated)

[Update:]  The midnight writer admits his anit-Palin bias:
I would've elevated Mitch Daniels. Even Romney's got a shot at my vote. But Palin?

Not a chance.
And to those who would complain that I am ignoring the substance of the rest of his article; may I remind them that Friedersdorf is ignoring the blatantly obvious disdain for Palin in the original write up? No, Conor, labeling us "conspiracy theorists" (what was that about name calling?) won't do anything to hide your biased reporting.


And I use that title intentionally, because that is, in fact, what happened. Of course, you wouldn't know it from the snooty pooh-poohing from the lamestream media peanut gallery, who have learned nothing from Newsweek's mea culpa. They seem to be cowering in fear as this movie is released, nervously hoping that no one goes to see it, lest their guilt be revealed to the wider American public.

How bad is it? Well, one blogger from The Atlantic apparently arranged a secret midnight showing of the movie so that he could attend and then pretend no one bothered to show up. At midnight. On a week day (Thursday). Before the official release date. Without authorization from Motive Entertainment. And yet, a few  people wandered in. Said writer also forgot to mention his friend who must have seen it at the same time, since he published a review at 8:15 AM on Friday morning.

And then of course, this was picked up by the rest of the media as Proof Positive!1111!!!l] that no one was interested in seeing the movie. (Somehow, the fact that theaters were sold out on opening night in Colorado, Texas, Georgia, and Florida escaped their notice.) Don't believe me? If you google "The Undefeated" under news, you get the following laughable excuses for coverage of the movie:

Palin movie No thumbs up Reviewers pan hagiography Politico
Highly Cited: Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange CountyThe Atlantic
In-Depth: 'The Undefeated'Kansas City Star
Blog: In some cities, it's Bellatrix Lestrange versus... Sarah Palin.New York Daily News (blog)

And in that brief snippet, the entire lefty media strategy is revealed. Rogue blogger makes up a story. Story is "highly cited" by the lefty echo chamber. A few libs mock Palin with their reviews. And finally, the coup-de-grace, Politico is there to tie it all together in a tidy narrative of conservative failure. Ipso facto, dead movie. Or so they'd like to believe. Because if their ruse doesn't work, and people were to see the movie anyway, their cover would be blown. Palin might (gasp!) run for president, which would make them look very very bad both to their bosses (for failure to suppress her) and to the public (the people to whom they lied about her). From all reports, liberals are converted into Palin supporters on the spot after having seen the movie. So... yeah you'd better watch your back MSM. 'Cause there's a barracuda waiting in the shadows.

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