Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get Your Tickets Now! (Updated)

[Update:] The 7:15 show is sold out, although there are some promotional tickets still available. If you get your tickets fast you can hang out for a bit at C.B.&Potts and then see the 10pm show. Unfortunately the live broadcast didn't work out, but we'll still have a ton of fun!

"The Undefeated" premiers Friday at the AMC in Highlands Ranch. You can purchase tickets here:

The movie will be shown at 10:30am1:25pm4:20pm7:15pm, and 10:10pm. Grassroots Radio will be doing a live broadcast at the 7:15 show, and there will be an afterparty at the nearby C.B.& Potts from 9:15-11pm. Or if you'd rather come to the 10pm showing, you can grab some food and get some initial impressions before you watch the movie. Good times!

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