Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indianola, Iowa: It Begins

You will hear, from the LSM and the complicit crony capitalist Perrywinkles in the conservative media, that Palin's speech didn't offer specifics, was "screechy" (whatever that means), or didn't look good because it rained (as if Palin can control the weather). Don't believe a word of it. Palin was perfect, as you can attest to by watching the video below. I care absolutely zero about whether she plays the game of the "permanent political class". I care a whole lot about whether she shares my values, can articulate solutions to the nation's problems, can inspire a nation-wide movement, and can win a general election. The answer, as demonstrated today, was a clear and emphatic yes, Yes, YES, and YES!

P.S. Memo to the LSM: stop worrying so much about whether she will or will not run. That may concern YOUR future, but it does not concern OURS. Sarah Palin cares about the country, and you ought to be focusing on her ideas and solutions rather than trying to pigeonhole her into a media narrative on the presidency.


  1. She has offered more specifics then Obama has in 2 and a half years. It rained and the audio was not what they wanted but if you listened you knew it was #gameon.

  2. Ok, i watched all 42 min, and what stood out to me was Obama bashing(fine with me, bash Bush too), drilling for oil/domestic energy(27min to 31min), cut all corporate taxes(32min to 35min)and stop corporate welfare, both of which are great idea's that I agree with totally but I believe the Father of the Tea Party has better Idea's. Bring Out Troops Home. (We are not the worlds police), Ron Paul. I thank you for your time

  3. I like many of Ron Paul's ideas too, but to call him the Father of the Tea Party is disingenuous. When has he ever been part of the Tea Party or spoken at Tea Party rallies? Just doesn't seem like he had much use for it, until it became convenient for his campaign.