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A review of The Undefeated by a fellow Coloradan

Uplifting, enervating, informative, educational and just plain enjoyable is the new movie, The Undefeated, that debuted this past Friday night to a sold out audience at the AMC theater in Highlands Ranch, Co.

The Undefeated, the factual and highly informative story of Sarah Palin and her political rise to be a Vice Presidential candidate, is a documentary by Filmmaker Stephen K Bannon. It is based on Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue” and interviews from those who knew her best – Alaskans who lived and worked with Palin during her tenure as a mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, as a member of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and as Governor of the state from December 2006 to July 2009.

Bannon wanted to set the record straight on the Governor as she was viciously attacked by the media. Her many excellent accomplishments were not publicized when she was a VP candidate. The 90 minute film helps Americans understand what a terrific leader she was and what she achieved in only 20 months.

Among her many achievements was the removal of corrupt politicians from her own party, the cutting of the state budget deficit, the creation of many hundreds of high paying jobs, the billions of dollars she brought into the state and to the people through the program called ACES and the pipeline completion that had been stalled for 30 years. In addition, Palin was able to get bi-partisan agreement on all the major issues plaguing Alaska which is no mean feat in itself.

“Even more amazing,” writes Atlantic Magazine writer, Joshua Green, “The tax scheme Palin devised and gained bi-partisan support for has earned the state billions. “It’s no exaggeration to say that ACES, the program established by Palin to encourage drilling and exploration in Alaska has made the state one of the most fiscally strongest in the union. While other states reel under staggering deficits, budget cuts and protests, Alaska has built up a $12 billion surplus, most of it attributable to Palin.”

The film also depicts the violent, offensive, demeaning, and totally inaccurate statements made by the far left in their efforts to destroy her candidacy, including calling her a slut and attacking her children, especially her down syndrome baby, Trig.

Rick Antolovich of Denver, who thought the movie was outstanding, stated he likes Palin’s limited government and fiscal responsibility attitude. “I am Sarah,” he said with a smile.

A Community College of Denver Professor who now regrets voting for Obama remarked, “I would vote for her if she runs.”

“She demonstrates the qualities I expect in a leader,” says Colorado Springs resident, Marc Sabin. “If she were to run and be elected President, I predict that this country would soon have a credible energy plan that would free the nation of its dependence on foreign energy sources. Having stood up time and again to corrupt politicians and naysayers, Sarah Palin would be a strong advocate on national and international stages for what is and has been great and good about this country. She would represent the interests of this nation and not those of those who would demean and diminish the accomplishments of the past 235 years that have produced the freest people and the greatest prosperity this world has ever seen.”

Among the other positive comments about the movie was this one from Nancy McKiernan, who is the founder of Tea Party Brewing which advertises and promotes all Tea Party activities in the state, “I hope that she does decide to run in 2012. From what I see here, she has the ability to turn America and more importantly Washington D.C. around and she also has more knowledge of energy, world issues, and political affairs, etc. than most in Congress. Just look at what she accomplished in such a short time!”

Art Carlson, former candidate for the state house in Aurora and online radio show personality, called the movie “a terrific film” that “shows her individualism.”

14 year old Eric Smoorenburg who was at the movie with his mother, Cathy, said the movie shows the “tipping point” that America faces today and what Palin would do about it if elected President.

Adele and John Engle, Rick Eversole and Kathy Kaplan all from the Denver Metro area believe that Palin has a passion for America and its people. “She loves the spirit of America!”

“She’s not afraid of anyone and this movie shows it,” stated residents Bob and Carol Richardson.

“It’s worth the drive to see the movie,” said a Cheyenne Canyon resident who left Colorado Springs at 4 p.m. hoping to be first in line. He hopes Sarah runs in 2012. Marla Gillaspie of Littleton added that she hoped the movie would be successful.

Judging by chants of Run, Sarah, Run and the tremendous applause coming from the enthusiastic audience at the end of the movie, it definitely is and will be an outstanding success. Don’t miss this great documentary – The Undefeated!

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