Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again! (The Untimely Demise of Andy Barr)

Normally, we here at Coloradans4Palin wouldn't take such delight in the loss of someone's job, even someone in the lamestream media (Keith Olbermann excepted, because he is the Worst Person in the World). But the fact that Andy Barr has a new job working for the Democrat Party in Arizona has us cavorting about the halls of Palin-land with impish glee. Break out the champagne; the imposter has been revealed!

Coloradans4Palin, we might add, was at the forefront of the efforts to expose Barr's journalistic hackery, as you can read about here and here. And we don't intend to be modest about it. Just as we suspected, Andy Barr was not actually doing honest reporting on Palin for Politico. No, he was doing opposition research for the Dems. Arizona, the site of Andy's new gig, is likely to be the location of headquarters for Palin's presidential campaign in the lower 48, given her recent purchase of a large home there. Well, we've at least identifed one Palin tracker. Arizona GOP, take note.

And so much for the supposed objectivity of Politico.

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