Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just in the Nick of Time, a New Shipment of Palin Interviews

Did you think I was going to forget about today's APF post? Nope, all four of you who visited my blog today. Yes, that's the cool thing about having your own blog - you can track stats including page views. I'm keeping my eye on you. :)

Anyhoo, the reason today's post is late is because I was waiting for Governor Palin to do an interview with Eric Bolling on the Fox Business Network (FBN). Palin seems to have shifted from facebook and twitter to live media appearances on shows with, well, real journalists who treat their interviewees fairly. As she says in one of the videos below, Palin is just trying to help the media do its job. After all, she does have a degree in journalism and what passes for reporting in the MSM these days sure ain't it.

Here is the edited interview with David Brody, White House Correspondent for CBN. The interview was taped at Reagan's Ranch; unedited version and FBN interviews below the fold.

Unedited answers:

FBN 2/7/11:

FBN 2/8/11:

Bonus Clip: Iowans love Sarah Palin!

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