Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ken Buck Launches Non-Profit

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The organization, called Balance America, will promote a balanced budget amendment. According to the website,
Balance America will act as a clearinghouse of information, training, and education on government spending practices while identifying each individual state legislator and governor in all 50 states regarding their support for spending restraint and ratification of a federal balanced budget amendment.
It's good to see that, contrary to portryal of Buck as a polarizing and divisive figure in the 2010 elections by the left, his organization has already garnered support from senate Democrats like Mark Udall. Taking a page from Buck's senate campaign, Udall is sponsoring a balanced budget amendment in the senate.
Surprising what a spirited grassroots campaign can do to influence a senator worried about losing his seat once the nation goes bankrupt, isn't it? Like rats jumping off a sinking ship, Deomcrats are hedging their bets in the face of the inevitable consequences of Obama's reckless fiscal policy.

Allison Sherry has more on the story at [the Denver Post].

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