Wednesday, February 9, 2011

APF Day 9 - Palin on Hannity

I'm going to get around to posting an analysis of Governor Palin's chances in the 2012 presidential race and the relative standing of her competitors for the Republican nomination soon. (Hint: She's going to win. Need I say more? Nobody wins even an online poll by that much, not even Ron Paul!) However, Palin continues to burn up the cables of cable TV with one masterful performance after another, compelling me to post her ever more illustrious oratories in lieu of my usual banal prattle. Thus without further ado, I present today's APF piece, Governor Palin on the Sean Hannity show. (UPDATE: full interview)


  1. I loved how easy it was to watch Hannidy interview Palin. Why couldn't I see part 3?

  2. Hmm, it was a different type of embedding and the link now appears to be broken. I'll see if I can fix it.