Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Palin February Day 6

Well folks, it's a slow Palin news day what with the Superbowl, Reagan's 100th birthday, and it being a Sunday. However, a photographer by the name of Jensen Sutta (from Denver, no less!) managed to snap some iconic photos of Governor Palin touring Reagan's Ranch on horseback, including this one:

I suspect the photo will be used for years. Andrew Coffin at has the full story about her visit to the aptly named Rancho del Cielo, which means Ranch in the Sky.

Here are some more great photos, enjoy!

Governor Palin, deciding to run for president ;)

Another great picture on horseback:

Teaching her kids about Reagan:

And finally, looking quite Presidential with the YAF (Young America's Foundation) interns (by Kevin Steele).