Monday, February 7, 2011

Mike Rosen Yuks It Up With Governor Hickenlooper, Disses Governor Palin

Mike Rosen had Governor Hickenlooper on his radio show on 850 KOA this morning, and the two were quite friendly. Apparently, Rosen used to have Mayor Hickenlooper on the show regularly, but this was Hickenlooper's first appearance since campaigning for and winning the governorship. Rosen said that Hickenlooper had been mayor for 8 years, and he wouldn't go so far as to wish that Hickenlooper only had four years as governor. He said Hickenlooper would be governor for four years "unless he pulled a Sarah Palin" and left early.

So much for party over person (Rosen's mantra)! Apparently, his new motto is going to be "party over person unless that person has true grassroots conservatives values, then ditch them for the Democrats and let the professionals handle things". I never really had much of a problem with Rosen, moderate though he is, until now. There's just something about Palin that reveals a person's true colors. It's time to show the professional political class the true meaning of "grassroots conservative values".

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