Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

All Palin February is great, but occasionally it is also good to report on some other things going on in the movement at large as well. With that in mind, here are some items I have come across in scavenging the web this weekend that should be of interest

- Rand Paul delivers a scholarly address about the merits of compromise vs. standing on principle, and the need for both. Using as an illustration the relationship between cousins Henry and Cassius Clay, Paul delivers the speech with erudition and precision. This man is destined for higher things (and he's already in the senate)!

- A foolproof strategy for demolishing Obama care. Will Boehner have the spine to see it through?

- Reagan tributes here, here, and here.

 - Palin recorded an interview after her speech with The Brody File of CBN (Christian Braodcasting Network), which will be posted soon. UPDATE: You're going to love Palin's take on Egypt in this sneak preview.

- Is the media wising up? Politico is offering a course in Remedial Tea Party 101 for journalists. Following that, WaPo actually publishes an unbiased report on Palin's speech.

And finally, you can now follow the blog on twitter: @Colo4Palin.

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