Saturday, October 8, 2011

Palin's Choice For President

Last week Sarah Palin gave a very soft 'no' to running for president. In fact, she did not specifically say that she would not run for president, rather she said she would not seek the 2012 GOP nomination for president. When asked on the Bob & Mark Show whether she would reconsider, she said that it would take a 10.3 magnitude earthquake in her family and local political life. (Of note, a new (closed!) facebook group called Sarah Palin's Earthquake sprung up instantly, garnering over 4,000 people to date.)

Still, many other candidates and members of the GOP are asking, who will she support for president? Will any of the current candidates get her endorsement? Perhaps overlooked is the fact that she already told us exactly who she will support in an appearance on the Glenn Beck program:

"Someone ...almost reluctant to serve... Someone who the people find and ask, 'will you sacrifice, will you do this for our country to get as back on the right track?' "

So, you'll excuse me if I haven't resigned myself to the fate of a lackluster candidate and jumped on board someone else's bandwagon. I'm just going to take Palin's advice, because I've found someone reluctant to serve, and I know a lot of people who are asking her "Will you sacrifice? Will you do this for our country to get us back on the right track?" So far, I haven't heard a good reason why Palin would want to leave us on the wrong track.

Some people have said that we ought to trust Palin and respect her decision. Respectfully, I disagree. Palin has always made clear that this is not about her, but about us, and about the country. I am not a Palin "fan", "minion", or "robot" who simply does whatever Palin tells me to rather than forming my own opinions. In some (rare) cases, I disagree with her, and in this case I think she made the wrong decision not to run for president. I am an informed citizen (without a title) who has come to the conclusion that only Sarah Palin has the platform, background, and experience to successfully beat Obama and restore the country to its Constitutional foundations. Until such time as that is not legally possible, I will continue to fight for our country by urging Palin to reconsider. If we are to restore America, we must not give up and lose all hope at the first sign of adversity. There will be plenty more of it in the days ahead. And it will require us to remain steadfast in an uncertain world.

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