Friday, October 7, 2011

Hey! You there, GOP. You wanna win or not? (Updated)

Update: Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. agrees with me at the American Thinker.

I continue to be amazed at the density of the so-called "permanent political class". They seem to be either incapable or unwilling of determining exactly what it is the GOP needs to do to win in 2012. I don't have a polisci degree or a masters in public policy, but as one who has my ear to the ground out here in the swing state of Colorado amidst flyover country, I can easily tell you what needs to be done in order to win. Of course, there is a reason the PPC won't tell you this, and that is because their pay checks depend on you not knowing. Make no mistake, the PPC is not there to help the GOP win. The PPC is there to ensure that the will of their big monied backers is carried out to the letter. Fortunately I, not being employed in the PPC, am unshackled and free to speak the obvious truth. So listen up elephants, and listen up good.

Hey, dunderheads, notice all those people camping out on Wall St.? Yeah, the ones you're mocking as hippies? Newsflash: a lot of people are out of work, out of money, and don't find your jokes so funny. Everybody is hurting, and whether or not Wall St. is the problem is irrelevant to them. Somebody must have all the wealth in the nation, and you can lecture independents till you're blue in the face about the merits of capitalism, but as Scott Rasmussen noted today, people hate capitalism, despite supporting free markets. Why? Because they have come to associate it with the crony capitalism practiced by Bush and Obama. Why do so many young people actually fall for the line that socialism is better than capitalism? The answer is not complicated. When they see the government doling out billions of dollars to banks or green companies, it matters not which, they immediately say "hey! that's not fair. I'm the one hurting here; where's my bailout? Why do the rich and powerful get all this money through their crony capitalist connections and I'm left here without a job, starving on the street?" When encountering such a person, it does not help to label them Commie Marxist scum. It might help if you were to buy them a meal, then sit them down and discuss what the free market means. It would help even more if you could offer them all decent paying jobs.

A lot of people are getting excited about the Cain train right now. Why? Because they believe that finally, here is a popular outsider who can fix our economy with his business experience. They like his charisma, understandably, and the fact he seems to represent the little guy. But is this really the guy who can beat Obama? The guy who supported bailing out the big banks with TARP funds? The guy who leveraged his successful business career into a seat at the Fed? You don't think there was any inside dealing there? Sorry, but who do you think the "99%ers", as the #occupywallstreet crowd calls them, are going to listen to? The wealthy people like Glenn Beck or Fox news hosts who lecture them about how greed is actually good and the don't have a job because they are stupid dumb hippies?  Or are they going to listen to the left which complains about the big bankers taking taxpayer money and prods them to ask why they aren't getting the same deal and the rich aren't paying their fair share. I would hope that you would understand enough of basic human nature to understand which way they're gonna go. But are you gonna speak up when that rich donor you're trying to get to support your political organization starts chortling about the dirty hippies on Wall St. at a cocktail party? Probably not.

The answer is simple. The country is in no mood to listen to the big monied interests, whether they be from big business, big government, or a devilish mixture of the two feasting from the rotting carcass of the free market and the American taxpayer. What it will listen to is A) a Democrat who tells them they will get their fair share or B) a working-class (even union) Republican with no ties to special interests who will fight the system and restore the principles of free markets and liberty. They will not, however, quietly submit to another exploitative crony capitalist. Your choice GOP. You just want to please the corrupt rich? Or do you want to win?

Sarah Palin was the one candidate that embodied option B). She took on the CBC and fought the entrenched, big monied interests in her own party. She stood up for the people, and they rewarded her with 80% approval in Alaska. They swarmed to hear her speak in droves in order to prop up a certain aged senator, flailing wildy in a sea of hobbits. They would give their all to push her to victory, giving the GOP complete control of congress. No one else but Palin has the background and experience to do it, but right now, all that is toast. If Palin does not enter the race in three weeks, by the deadline for the Flordia primary, the GOP will lose in 2012. It is that simple. You want to lose GOP? Or you want to get cracking apologizing for your behavior towards her and begging her to save your sorry hides? Sadly, I think I already know the answer.

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