Thursday, September 8, 2011

Faux Memes 1: Is Sarah Palin a "quitter"?

No. And to those that disagree, if you would have put forth the minimal effort to watch "The Undefeated", the documentary about Palin's career, you would understand why.

If you remember the election of 2008 at all, you should recall that every Democrat in America made it their life's goal to destroy Sarah Palin after the election, because she dared challenge teh ONE. (And look where he got us - people are just now finding out that speeches don't fix things.) Democrats shamelessly filed an avalanche of bogus ethics complaints that brought the business of Alaska to a standstill and put the Palins personally half a million dollars in debt. Of course, the GOP establishment was nowhere to be found, even demanding that Palin pay for her own vetting! That's one reason why Palinistas believe Governor Palin deserves every penny she can possibly make before she runs for President. Each dollar Americans willingly give her to see her speak at their event or donate to SarahPac is a slap in the face of all the Democrats who tried to take her down and the establishment Republicans who stood by, laughing, while they did nothing.

Governor Palin's career in Alaska was effectively over the moment she was chosen as McCain's VP. At that moment, she became a national figure, and her proper place was leading the GOP on the national stage. She did not "quit" on the people of Alaska. She resigned, leaving them in the capable hands of Lt. Governor Sean Parnell, in order to move on to higher things. This very intelligent woman from Texas explains it well (answer begins about 3 mins in):

The other camps, sensing impending doom, are spreading false rumors about Palin. The first one, that she is not running, is actually a very stupid thing to tell people, because it will only make them look stupid when she announces. As for the rest, we will be debunking them in upcoming articles. And yes, there's more on Perry. I'm just tired of researching all his problems so I'm taking a bit of a break. Immigration, Sharia law, Acorn, and La Raza are still coming up.

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