Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palin Offers Serious Political Analysis on FOX; Andy Barr Reports that "Sayruh Payuhlin Hatez teh Arrrnuhld"

In a much anticipated double-header, Palin spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox News and Eric Bolling on Fox Business. You can watch all of the video here, so I'm not going to bother embedding the video.

These interviews mark her first public commentary since Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race, so of course everyone was anxious to hear what she would have to say and if she would drop any more hints about running. Palin offered solid analysis on the media, the current state of the economy, waivers for Obamacare in Pelosi's district, Newt's foibles, etc. Her answers were thoughtful, straightforward and honest.

Enter Andy Barr. She clearly must have said something that scared the pants off of him, because he immediately saw the need to squelch any positive coverage by picking out one small question that Eric Bolling asked about Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair and divorce at the end of the interview. In a very brief statement, Palin quite rightly said that she feels sorry for the kids and that this reflects poorly on Arnold's character. Simple, truthful statement, no? As if he were a member of the paparazzi, Barr rushed to a computer to bang out this headline

"Sarah Palin: Arnold Schwarzenegger is 'disgusting' "

in a futile effort to make Palin look like a petty mudslinger rather than the competent and professional Fox news contributor she is. (Presumably, Andy Barr thinks Schwarzenegger's philandering is quite normal behavior, and maybe for him it is.) Actually, that's not even what she said. She said it was a disgusting thing that he had done. But why should we be surprised that Barr is yet again making stuff up, that is to say, lying?

After that he must have sat around for a while in his boxers scratching his head and trying to think of what else to say. Of course, he wouldn't dare comment on the rest of the interview, lest he inadvertently make Palin look good. He did eventually manage to squeeze out another four sentences, half of them Palin quotes, in order to try to pretend that he had written an article.

Seriously, does this guy have a boss? How did he pass Journalism 101? Heck I've never even taken a journalism class and I know more about it than this guy who (supposedly) writes for the #1 political news source in the nation. Get a real job, man. Political coverage isn't your thing.

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