Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Erick Erickson: How Easy We Betray Our Friends By Supporting Cowards Who Trash Our Friends (Updated)

"Cry, 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war."

It's on. The full out assault on Sarah Palin by the GOP establishment has begun in earnest, as the last vestiges of the party come to grips with the fact that she is running, and she is running hard! They see her gaining support, they see her overtaking Romney, and in one last desperate attempt to stop the surging groundswell of average Americans fed up with patronizing hogwash from self-serving politicians, they are orchestrating a breathtaking campaign of sabotage as we speak.

Their plan all along, of course, was to push the narrative that Palin is "unelectable", since they dare not attack her directly due to her 78% favorable rating within the party (higher than any other candidate). Forget about Reagan. It appears he was an amiable dunce after all. With the latest trove of released emails showing that Palin is indeed electable, having masterfully governed the state of Alaska while garnering begrudging admiration from conservatives, Democrats, and independents alike, they feel their last vestige of power slipping. Cue John Ziegler. A disgruntled former Palin supporter who feels that his ego was not properly stroked decides to kneecap Palin with an article slyly timed to hit the Monday morning news cycle. Published no less, on the Daily Caller, residence of the infamous Tucker Carlson of MILFgate. The usual balderdash spewed in his article about the invincibility of Obama, "unelectability" of Palin, and quitting the governorship is nothing new, although the attack is now more sophisticated. Ziegler attempts to paint himself as a die hard Palin supporter who wasn't given his due, and whines about the lack of adulation conferred upon him to the point of snubbing the Palins by turning down the chance to work on a presidential campaign. However, as Ziegler is a bit player not worth the money he has spent attempting to promote himself, the real story concerns the attack of the mainstream "conservative" establishment.

What shocks and outrages me is the faint praise by which Erick Erickson, also of MILFgate, damns Palin in his article "How Easy We Trash our Friends". Probably coordinating with Carlson, he defends Ziegler with a gentle "let us not trash our vaunted friends" (who just happen to share his dim view of Palin). Erickson has been in hot water with Palin before with chauvinistic comments suggesting that she is nothing but a piece of meat. It appears that his apparent change of heart in which he claimed he could support Palin was merely double talk intended to preserve his tenuous relationship with his readership. The silvery tongued blogger feels no remorse as he twists the knife in the back of conservatives longing for an authentic leader. Goodbye, Erick, and good riddance. You have crossed a bridge too far, and I now consider enemy territory. You know what is worse than an enemy? A turncoat who stabs their general in the back. Sarah Palin is our general, Ziegler our Grima Worm-tongue, and you our Judas Iscariot.

[Update:] As it turns out, Ziegler is a self-admitted misogynist. Along with Carlson and Erickson, he rounds out what I shall call the axis of misogyny. Apparently these puffed up frat boys and wanna be good ol' boys are peeing in their pants a bit at the thought of having to take orders from a woman president. In the GOP!!! The nerve of this loser to tell a former governor, to her face, that "of course" she must know she can't win the presidency! I'm sure I would have had the same reaction as Palin - awkward silence, followed by a swift kick out the door.

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