Friday, June 10, 2011

Epic Fail: Media Digs for Palin Dirt, Comes up Empty (Updated x3)

You can search the emails yourself at But of course they just confirm everything we already knew (see

So far, the LSM hasn't been able to come up with anything other than this bombshell: wouldn't you know it, Palin was actually concerned about media coverage! No! Say it ain't so, lamestream media.

[Update:] Ahh, there it is. Leftys trying desperately to spin something, anything at all.
I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow, or maybe through the whole weekend, to figure out what they run with. It will, of course, be easily debunked. Stay tuned for more updates.

[Update #2:] After a day of deep inner conflict and soul searching, some in the media are still cowering in Plato's cave, refusing to give in to reality. "Weeeeeeeell... ok so she was great, but of course she's totally different now." First prize for most laughable PDS justification goes to Molly Ball at Politico.

Not all members of the media, however, are taking it so hard. At least one MSM commentator has seen the light. Debbie Brazile writes "Yes, Palin for president". She dares posit what few in her line of work have the courage to admit (even if peppered with a liberal dose of progressive fantasy -"radicals", "extinct moderates", "when scripted", etc.):
Palin is the candidate with the most crossover appeal between groups. She can talk to the tea partiers, the radicals - even the nearly extinct moderates.

When scripted, she can be rather convincing, especially compared to other candidates. The others are too drab - in policy, in convictions, in media smarts. They just can't compete with her star power. From here, 2012 looks like a slam-dunk for Sarah Palin.
[Update #3:] Judas (John Ziegler) jumps on the Molly Ball bandwagon. What an arrogant prick. You had little or nothing to do with Palin's success, John. She is successful because she represents "we the people" and not self-serving, egotistical political lackeys trying to use her to boost their (pathetic) career. You turned down a chance to work on a Palin presidential campaign? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU???

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