Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Guilty. As. Charged. [Updated]

[Update:] Apparently my rather precocious blog post is now drawing a lot of web traffic. So yeah... I'm good. Not gonna pass up a chance to toot my own horn. :)

Rep Weiner: "I choose not to participate [in this discussion]."

Yeah, of course you don't want to talk about preying on starstruck female college journalists with dreams of grandeur (or at least as much grandeur as can be found in liberaltopia). It's kind of the point of investigative journalism, however, to investigate your bad behavior.

One other piece of advice, bro, don't do a press conference where you refuse to answer questions and call a reporter a "jackass". That's the sort of thing big egos do, but it never works out well for them in the end. The best course of action, and the inevitable one, is simply to apologize, resign, and fade from center stage. Unless, of course, you relish the public humiliation and mockery your actions will bring upon you and your family. This isn't a Clinton, dude. It's a Blagojevich.

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