Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What. A. Day.

Lest you thought that conservatives were simply going to fade away into the ether after their 2010 victories, today's events should disabuse you of such silly notions. Today was a great day for lovers of liberty everywhere.

- 250-300 Tea Partiers showed up at the capitol to protest the SEIU protest which was imported from Wisconsin . The unions are trying to take their protests nationwide, but in our case it turns out they didn't have much of a program and spent most of their time listening to our speakers (well, those that didn't have to load up on the buses). Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP canceled direct deposit for senators who have missed two consecutive days so that they will have to come to Madison get their money (at which point the police will escort them to the floor to do their job). Even the New York Times is throwing them under the bus.

-Three Sarah Palin facebook posts on the same day?!? It's like Christmas for Palinistas. Iron Dog, Herman Cain link, and Libya. Palin is on fire!

-Todd has reached Nome. Palin/Quam are in 2nd place, only trailing the leader by 3 minutes.

-Perry Buck is running for state GOP secretary. Given the ham-handed tactics of the current secretary Steve Schultz in trying to suppress Ken Buck and grassroots conservatives, this will be a sweet sweet victory. (Yes, she's a shoo-in.) From a fellow compatriot on facebook:
Perry Buck is now in the race for State GOP Secretary. :) ... I am now giddy with delight! :) Dear Karma: For this upcoming election, please remember Steve Schultz (current State GOP Sec.) & his disgraceful behavior to the Ken Buck campaign during the Primary & the General Election. Thank You! ~ Sincerely AK. Clear Creek Tea Party & Clear Creek Republicans
It will also serve as a constant reminder to the Dems of their shameful behavior in trying to label Ken Buck as "anti-woman".

-John Thune has seen the writing on the wall and won't run for president. Another one bites the dust.

The only small blemish on an otherwise perfect day is that Rahm Emmanuel will now be the mayor of Chicago. Oh, and Mitch Daniels caved to the unions and dropped right to work. He was promptly excoriated by talk radio and the blogosphere, who have declared his nascent presidential bid DOA. Come to think of it, that makes two to bite the dust today!

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