Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Palin and the Polls

[UPDATE: What great timing, PPP just relased a poll showing that Palin is extremely competitive in Colorado! You would think Romney would be carrying the state quite handily, but he is only at 19%, with Palin and Huckabee each carrying 16%. If Huckabee doesn't run, that could easily make Palin the frontrunner! Also note the +25% favorability rating.]

Lately, it seems that the desperate ABP (Anyone But Palin) crowd has been carrying out an orchestrated attack on Govenor Palin, in hopes of propping up their milquetoast candidates. Faced with the disappointing results of attacking Palin directly, they have resorted to attempting to claim that the polls show Palin is unelectable. (As if "the polls" are able to predict who will win the Republican nomination two years from now, let alone the general election, before anyone has even formally entered the race.) Just look this morning's shameless propaganda from Politico.

The usual pabulum goes something like "BREAKING NEWS: a recent poll in [state] showed Palin trailing [candidate] 24% to 23% !!1!11!l  Looks like she's toast." And then they pretend to be supportive... as long as she doesn't run for anything important, of course. No no, it just wouldn't do to have someone of her, um, ordinariness in the White House. Sorry Sarah, but it's just too complicated for you. Leave running to the country to the smart people who know what they're doing (because of course, they've been doing such a great job).

Sadly, they do not acknowledge that while other candidates have been primping and preening their candidacies in front of the cameras, all Palin had done so far is to say "yeah I'm thinking about it" and hire a chief of staff. She hasn't been visiting the early states, meeting folks on the ground, or doing much to build up a campaign organization yet. Despite all this, the online polls tell a very different story. Recently, Palin has been winning the online polls. All of them. Even the ones where each person only gets one vote. And even though Ron Paul's massive online following is usually able to win these things. A wave is building, and the establishment/MSM won't see it coming when it hits them. Just take a look at these recent poll results:

The American Spectator


NRO part 1
NRO part 2  (they even tried to hide Palin's victory on the second "page"!)


Fox News

Hot Air

It is clear that Palin blows away the competition. Of course, as soon as it became obvious that Sarah Palin was winning, many of these sites discontinued their polls and/or refused to say anything about the results. Only Hot Air had the courage to admit that Palin dominates the blogosphere, but even they couldn't help trying to spin the results negatively, by using a misleading headline claiming that Palin "lost votes".

At some point, the world will have to acknowledge the Barracuda. You just can't keep her down forever.


  1. Oh sorry they are links, but some were broken. They are fixed now.

  2. Great article! There is a real possibility that Sarah can take this state in 2012.