Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ohhh, Chris Christie.

You were once such a promising young governor. That was before your record on cap and trade, illegal immigration, and Islam in the courts was scrutinized in detail. Before Scott Walker upstaged you on reigning in unions. Before you started mocking Sarah Palin.

Yes folks, he's at it again today on Face the Nation, saying Palin needs to do more "unscripted" moments. Apparently he thinks she doesn't have what it takes to answer questions extemporaneously. (Never mind that she just sat down for an hour with Long Island businessmen to answer unscripted questions and walked away with rave reviews even from the Democrats). Despite the fact that Obama never says anything that he doesn't read off of his teleprompter while the most that Palin ever writes down is a few phrases on her hand, Christie somehow finds the need to knock Palin while saying that there are "some things [he] like[s]" about Obama.

Call it sexism, elitism, whatever. But it sure isn't pretty and it breaks Reagan's 11th commandment. (Despite what the LSM would have you believe, Christie and Palin are not running against each other.) Well, when you jab Palin you're gonna get jabbed back. Here's a little reminder about Christie's "unscripted" moments.

Stay classy, Christie.

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