Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin!

And thank you, Chuck and Sally Heath! Your daughter is a gift to the world. You can send Sarah a birthday present by clicking on the banner below to donate to SarahPAC.

Send Governor Palin A Birthday Gift Today

...and now we know why SarahPAC is having this fundraiser. They have just hired Michael Glassner as Palin's chief of staff! Glassner has worked with Bob Dole, but more recently handled VP operations in the 2008 campaign. Folks, this is a sure sign that Governor Palin is running for President! You don't hire a chief of staff if you're just planning to "cheerlead" as some ill-informed, condescending, ungrateful politico recently suggested. Especially not a chief of staff who directed your entire vice presidential campaign!

Today, Palin's birthday, was just one of those days where every single little thing went right, politically speaking. I haven't felt this optimistic about the future of our country since before Obama got elected. Here are just a few of the things that went right:

- Palin all but announced to her followers that she is running for President!

- Mubarak resigned; Egypt is free! Yes, the Egyptian people still have to figure out the messy part of democracy and deal with the Muslim brotherhood, but today is a day of celebration for people who seek freedom from tyranny, both in Egypt and in other countries all around the world. May the middle east continue on a path to a peaceful, representative democracy in which the rights of all people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected.

- Steve Yurash, city council candidate for District 2 in Fort Collins, is gaining momentum in his race against incumbent Lisa Poppaw (D - Hopey Changey Land). (Please donate at this weekend if you can; max donation is $75.)

- A slate of conservative, liberty-minded, grassroots leaders are poised to win election to the executive committee of the Larimer County GOP tomorrow (Saturday) morning. All but one of the positions (secretary) are uncontested.

Things could not be going much better right now; I'm as pleased as punch. Enjoy your birthday, Sarah Palin. What a great way to kick off the 47th year of your earthly existence, and may God bless each and every one of your remaining years!

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