Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Palin February

Recently, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post complained that he was tired of the news media obsessing over Sarah Palin and that he was declaring February to be a Palin-free month. The initiative failed spectacularly, as not only did the rest of the media not agree to his moratorium (what sane, profit-seeking news organization would?), but Milbank himself broke his own moratorium by talking about how well he was doing not talking about Sarah Palin on the first day of February. (Sure, the words "Sarah Palin" did not directly escape his lips, but it's clear that he just couldn't resist the urge to bask in the limelight reflected off of her). In response, virtually every Palin blog and in particular have declared the current month to be "All Palin February":

We here at Coloradans4Palin think this is a fantastic idea, and plan to participate fully. From now until the end of February, we will post one Sarah Palin related item per day. It could be a new video, speech, or facebook message from Palin. It could be a picture, poem, or article about her. But rest assured, there will be no gap in Palin coverage due to Milbank's brief stunt. We will be more than happy to snatch up his forfeited web traffic and take upon ourselves the daily task of sending liberals into fits of incoherent apoplexy.
So today, I give you a poster which pretty much sums up what Sarah Palin is all about, courtsey of

Happy February!

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